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Centrumpartij voor nationale eenheid - parti centriste pour l'union nationale.
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 Belgian Americans

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Belgian Americans fought in America's War of Independence. The Civil War came shortly after the greatest influx of Belgian immigrants; and as American citizens, many were called to serve. In rural communities this caused great hardship, as women and children struggled to support themselves by working the farms alone. Belgian Americans fought in both World Wars. Their efforts were made more poignant by the fact that, in both Wars, Belgium was devastated by the German army. It is noted that during World War I, Belgian Americans gave so generously to the children who were victims of that war, that an official delegation from Belgium was sent to the United States in 1917 to honor their efforts. In a reverse effort, Edgar Sengier, the director of the Union Mine in Belgium, showed foresight in shipping all of Belgium's supply of radium and uranium ore to the United States. This kept this valuable material out of Hitler's hands. This ore was of tremendous value in the Manhattan project—America's plan to build the atomic bomb. Belgian Americans also served in subsequent military engagements in Korea and Vietnam.


Jim Vermeulen

Apr 22, 2007 @ 11:23 pm
Excellent and site and I enjoyed reading it very much. My ancestors settled in the Quad-Cities of Illinois and the story goes that many settled there to work in the John Deere factory. One of my goals in life is to one day visit Belgium.

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Belgian Americans
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